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Find a New Zealand play 

Playmarket has a comprehensive catalogue of New Zealand plays. If you know exactly what you are looking for you can search for it directly in the online SCRIPT SEARCH

If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for you can search for a play by cast size, male/female numbers or monologues, playwright, theme and style. 

You can also browse our catalogue alphabetically by Playwright

If you don’t find what you were after give us a call or email Holly, letting us know what you need, and we can make some suggestions.

How do you get a copy?


If you are a Playmarket subscriber the script may be available for you to download instantly. Visit MEMBERSHIP for more information or for a list of scripts available to download.


If a play is published we will have the book available to purchase. We are able to invoice your school for this purchase on receipt of a purchase order number.


Unpublished plays are available to buy in manuscript form for $10 + postage and packaging. We are able to invoice your school for this purchase on receipt of a purchase order number.

Free AND perusal copies for potential productions

In many instances, if you are looking for a play for production, we can provide you with an ecopy of the play in manuscript form, free of charge.

If a play has been published then we are able to send out a perusal copy of the script.

For any bookshop enquiries contact Ivana and school enquiries contact Claire


What next?

Apply for the Performance Rights

Visit PERFORMANCE RIGHTS for all the info on how to apply and submit your application. If you are performing in class with only the students normally enrolled in that class present OR the piece is being judged as part of a closed examination process, you do not need a licence. These are the only exceptions. School production and NCEA assessments with observers must be licensed.

Programming and performing excerpts from scripts.


If you are planning a programme/performance of scenes collated from a number of different scripts you will need to identify the number of pages for each excerpt and record these pages in our performance rights application form. A licence for a programme of excerpts will cost $70 per performance.

Can I make changes to the script?

It is a breach of copyright to make changes to a script without the playwright’s express permission but usually our playwrights are very happy to allow you to adapt their scripts to avoid anything you think is inappropriate for your students. Just make sure you enquire first for permission.

Copies of scripts

If a play is unpublished you can get a photocopy licence for the number of scripts you need. It is really easy to do when you apply for the performance rights and is a per-copy charge of $5 per copy to a maximum of $50 for a class set (10 or more copies).

If a single programme consists of a number of scenes from different scripts we need to know the number of actors in each excerpt and the photocopy licence will apply to the total number of actors performing in the programme.

If a play is published you will need to purchase the rehearsal copies. This can be done through the BOOKSHOP. We are able to invoice your school for this purchase on receipt of a purchase order number.

Annotated moderation scripts

Some standards, at all levels, require the provision of an annotated script. This presents copyright issues for teachers if they intend to provide the whole script for moderation.

While it is appropriate that the teacher sees the annotated script as part of their assessment process, it is not necessary that the whole script is provided for moderation.

The purpose of moderation is to support the refinement of teacher’s assessment practice. Consequently, it is more valuable for teachers to copy extracts of scripts that indicate a sample of the evidence on which they have based their decisions. This may be supplemented with some teacher comment about the annotation, if required. This allows the moderator to pinpoint the teacher’s process and give specific supportive feedback. Up to 3% of a single script may be copied without infringing on copyright.

Playwrights in schools

This programme was initiated after overwhelming feedback from teachers that there was not enough background information on NZ playwrights and their plays for study and NCEA assessment.

Our partnership with the New Zealand Book Council arranges for playwright to go into a drama class to meet and talk with students who are studying their play. Any information they need to know on themes/background/original production etc comes straight from the person who wrote the play.

The real advantages to this programme are intangible but the purposes are to nurture the future playwrights/actors/theatre-goers of NZ, Support the selfless people who teach them, and make NZ plays more accessible and appropriate for study.

Our visits have shown that the students take real ownership of their work after meeting the playwright; and their enthusiasm and passion is amplified. For all enquiries contact here.

Oyster by Vivienne Plumb

Tigerplay by Gary Henderson

Cow by Jo Randerson

Sit On It by Georgina Titheridge

Urban Hymns by Miria George

Wild Cabbage by James Beaumont

Thinning by Eli Kent

Disorder by Thomas Sainsbury

Kia Ora Khalid: Composer Gareth Farr, writer Dave Armstrong